The Nine Trails

The Nine Trails

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Download and play the first tabletop RPG game from Inkborn Studio!


To prove your worth and become an accepted member of cat society, you must pass the dreaded rite of passage, The Nine Trials. Held once a year, The Nine Trials test the resolve and skills of cats looking for acceptance to the cat community. Use your skills and work together with other cat initiates to complete The Nine Trails and earn the respect of the other cats in the neighborhood.


The Nine Trials is a D10 table top role-playing game with basic rules, stats and situations to get you started...with plenty of room for creativity and collaboration. How is the cat hierarchy structured? Where is all that tuna coming from...? Discover the answers through the power of RPG storytelling!


Character sheet for The Nine Trials also available in the Inkborn Studio Store.


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    Written by Anne Pierce

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