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Storytellers Inked | The Inspiration Story

Remember stories on tape? The kind with the read-along book? Am I showing my age?

There were audio tapes of classic stories, Disney had a whole line of read-along tapes, and there were tapes like the Little Thinker series that encouraged kids to draw moments from the audio adventure. As a child with an active imagination, I loved these tapes! My brother and I used to act out little productions along with the tapes...I created many a diorama and drawing based on the tales we listened to...there was even a period of time I carried the book for Disney’s Robin Hood with me wherever I went!

When I recently came across an article about children’s storybooks that were in the public domain, it reminded me of the audio tapes of my youth...and I had a thought...podcasts are the new audio tape…

It doesn't take much to connect the dots, and the Storytellers Inked concept began to take shape.

Looking into many of these public domain books and reading the stories I was struck by the truly bizarre nature, antiquated attitudes, and language of the bygone eras of these tales. These tales called out to the storyteller, artist, and game master in me. If you read my previous blog, you know some about my fascination with these stories. What do they say about the time in which these storytellers lived, their attitudes, challenges, hopes? How would these stories be interrupted by a modern audience? Would people be inspired to create as I was by the audio tapes of my youth?

Let’s find out.

As part of an artistic exercise in storytelling, Inkborn Studio has started the Storytellers Inked podcast. Done in a single take with minimal production, we'll be practicing our storyteller skills reading these classic tales and sharing them with you. During October we’ll be posting these exercises as podcasts (available on your favorite platforms and youtube) on Wednesdays and Fridays. Starting November our goal is to post one month.

We’d love to hear your feedback and your thoughts on these stories. Are you inspired by these vintage tales? We’d love to hear your thoughts and how these tales inspired you at #inkbornstudio or share with us on Instagram and Twitter @inkbornstudio.

If you’re just taking a moment in your busy day to sit down, relax, and hear a story...looking for some artistic inspiration...or perhaps searching for a prompt for your next ttrpg campaign, we hope you’ll join us.

Anne Pierce

Inkborn Studio

Creative Director

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