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Kids On Bikes: Triple Threat

In October I had the privilege of GMing Kids on Bikes for Hunters Entertainment at the virtual Roll20Con. Running the Kids On Bikes game module, Butter Tarts and Broken Bones, from the Kids on Bikes Core Rule Book as a one shot for Roll20 players from all over the world was an amazing adventure.

One of the observations that came from playing the same module seven times (in three days, whew) was how completely and utterly different the story developed based on the players' decisions. Each group had its own dynamic and its own take on the story. Although playing semi-pregenerated characters, each player brought their own interpretation of the classic Kids On Bikes tropes. As the GM, experiencing this story in seven different iterations was fun and fascinating.

This winter we are going to bring the experience of exploring the same story from different points of view to you on our podcast and YouTube channel. Join us for...

Kids On Bikes: Triple Threat

One Module

Three One-Shot Games

Three Completely Different Stories

We need your help! For the first part of the story building, we are asking the audience to pick the module. Listed below are the winter themed modules to choose from. Take a closer look and vote via twitter (@inkbornstudio) for the one you’d like to see. I’m excited to see which one gets chosen and can’t wait to play!

Anne Pierce

Creative Director

Inkborn Studio

(Artwork by Tania Walker)

Snow Days at Chanky Cheez - Snowsville, NY

by Jonathan Gilmour & Doug Levandowski

Content Warnings: claustrophobia, cults, dangerous strangers, freezing, human

sacrifice, seasonal affective disorder

Setting information

Many in northern New York say that there are just two seasons there: Winter and July.

Nestled on the shore of the St. Lawrence River is the aptly named town of Snowsville.

From late spring until early fall, the community is fully geared toward tending the fields and harvesting hay. The rest of the year, it’s a snowbound wasteland. On occasion the snow will shut down travel for weeks at a time, but even when things are running smoothly, the drifts can get waist deep.

Wanting to give people another reason to visit, four years ago, locals constructed the

Chanky Cheez Funtime Emporium, an arcade and pizzeria. For two years, it worked.

People from far and wide flooded in as often as they could, and Chanky’s helped the

economy boom.

After only two seasons, Chanky’s didn’t open up again when the snow cleared. The

owner, who spent her winters in Florida, never came back and was never heard from again. Some nights, people swear they hear sounds coming from inside the abandoned building.

Now, there isn’t much to do in town. Sledding, sure. Winter hikes, sure — but the snow-

drifts can be dangerous. Every year, at least one person steps into a drift that formed over a gully in the earth and nearly freezes to death. These victims report seeing strange creatures crawling over them, pulling the heat from their body. But that has to be the hypothermia, right?

Setting Touchstones

Fargo (film), Five Nights at Freddy’s (video game series), The Shining (novel)

Double Trouble at Skateland - Southridge, CA

by Elisa Teague

Content Warnings: cannibalism, mind control, missing children, mob justice, teen


Setting information

Being a kid can be a real drag in a suburban town like Southridge, California. Being

about an hour-and-a-half drive outside of a large city center, the outskirt suburb lends

little to do outside of school, the library, and one local grocery store with an attached

coffee shop, providing the only places to meet with friends outside of Skateland, the

local roller rink and the hottest (and only) hangout in town. Additionally, with the

library just down the street, many kids make their way to hang out at the rink after

school, waiting for their parents to get home from work.

It seems like a typical housing-development-meets-truckstop town, but there is an

odd vibe around Southridge. Teens here seem to disappear at a much higher rate than

the rest of the country, and while many talk about getting out of the sleepy town and

into a big city for college, most kids that disappear haven‘t even finished high school.

Aside from the few stay-at-home parents, local shop owners and employees, and

community service workers, most adults are absent from Southridge during the day.

Those who do work in town without big-city paychecks often take second jobs to

make ends meet. Latchkey kids are the norm, as parents don’t come home from

their evening commute until dinnertime. It may be the nature of a small suburb, but

neighbors all know each other in Southridge, and they all seem to have strange habits

and relationships. Perhaps the adults are just as bored as the kids in this town, but to

onlookers, it seems like something else is going on.

Setting Touchstones

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (film), The ’Burbs (film), The Lost Boys (film)

Talkeetna of Troubles - Talkeetna, AK

by Kevin Kulp

Content Warnings: bullying, claustrophobia, freezing, human sacrifice, wilderness


Setting information

When you think of Talkeetna, Alaska, think isolation. Think gorgeous natural beauty, harsh and unforgiving weather, and a tiny, close-knit population of locals, kept afloat mostly by tourism. Summers are easy, but it’s hard not to be superstitious when the snow falls deep into the long night, and flickering green auroras light the sky overhead.

Talkeetna is not a large town. It tried to be, once; at the turn of the 20th century there

were almost a thousand people living here, building the Alaska Railroad and mining

for gold. But the Great War came, the railroad was completed, the gold ran out, and

empty homes and abandoned factories were left to molder in the long summer days

and frigid winter nights.

The town of Talkeetna is nestled 114 miles north of Anchorage, at the confluence of the

Susitna, Chulitna, and Talkeetna Rivers. It may have been founded in 1916 — and three

of the original buildings are still in use today, including the Talkeetna Roadhouse,

Nagley’s General Store, and the Fairview Inn — but there used to be an Athabascan

village here long before the 1905 gold rush. There’s history here that most people

have forgotten. The river is huge, the forest is vast, and the town is isolated; if secrets

got left behind, they may well be hidden there still.

The town of Cicely in the TV series Northern Exposure is reputedly patterned after

Talkeetna, and until recently Talkeetna was famous for having a cat named Stubbs

as its unofficial mayor. Nowadays, most of the work in Talkeetna comes from fishing,

hunting, hiking, skiing, and rafting. The town gets used as a base for ascents of Denali

(Mt. McKinley), so there’s more than your average number of artists and crafters.

But except for tourist skiers, when winter comes the town empties out and turns in on

itself. It’s easy to go a little stir-crazy when the temperature drops to zero degrees and

the snow begins to pile up. Almost makes you long for an adventure.

Setting Touchstones

The Goonies (film), Northern Exposure (TV series), Stand by Me (film)

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