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Historic Fairy Tales and Classic Literature in the Modern Era

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Our first in the Storytellers Inked series is premiering! Select stories from bygone eras will be posted on our podcast channel twice a week as inspiration for the many drawing challenges popular in October. Most of these stories fall within the public domain from Fairy Tale books published for children 100 to 200 years ago.

What I find personally fascinating about these stories, many of which were written down from an oral history for the first time in these "children's samplers", are the norms regarding violence, gender roles, language, and so forth, that would not be acceptable children's literature in the context of today's society. As an arts educator, specializing in children's literature and language development, I would urge us to remember to receive these stories in the context of which they were delivered and use them as a starting point for conversations.

If you are listening to the podcast, I would encourage to share them with the children in your listen to these stories and create artwork based on their take-aways from the story. Their impressions and take-ways might surprise you, and might be very different from your own.

You know the children in your life, so as with all media, preview the material first. What one child might find upsetting (for example, spiders) another child might find fascinating and fun (for example...spiders). Questions you might ask yourself or the children you are sharing these stories with:

- What do you think is in this story that can tell us about the times the people originally listened to this story lived? What were their hopes, fears, challenges?

- In what ways do you think things are the same/different today?

- Does this story remind you of any other stories you have heard?

At Inkborn Studio we believe in the power of storytelling to create empathy, personal growth, and inspire change. Everyone has a story to tell, and fairy tales such as these have been entertaining us and helping us make sense of our world for generations.

Share with us your thoughts and illustrations based on The Storytellers Inked series on Instagram and Twitter @InkbornStudio

We will be posting new stories every Wednesday and Friday in October with monthly episodes begining in November.

Anne Pierce

Inkborn Stuido

Creative Director

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